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Change and Refocus

24 August

I read an Article by Yvonne Weld today that related to my business transformation. She posed the question “Is the Jack of all trades a master of none?’ That is how I felt about my business before I sought to become a specialist. I am can do just about anything in the administrative world, but I wanted […]

Play Nice!

19 March

Small town or huge complex you are part of a community. To be successful, a community has to work together and support one another. You do not have to be friends. You do have to be nice. Be polite and considerate. Fulfill your contract obligations. Be a contributor. In some cases this is easier said than done. Get […]

The Journey To SEO

12 March
Map to SEO

What does Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO mean? SEO is creating a web presence that attracts the Web Crawlers. We all want to be number 1. Pick me first is every kid’s dream. That space is reserved for a select few. If you can get to the top  100, you are in there like swimwear. People […]